About Steve Liu

  • My name is Steve Liu. For the great American dream, I immigrated to the United States from Taiwan with family in 1980.

  • During my academic years, I acquired credentials in a C.S. degree and a Supply Chain Management certificate at the Cal State University of Fullerton. I also have competed in the following courses and academic titles:

    1. Certificate of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)
    2. Certificate of Holistic Health Practitioner by the America Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP)
    3. Diploma of Nature Health (Dipl. N.H.)
    4. Diploma of Christian Wellness & Longevity Practitioner (Dipl. CWLP)
  • I have been successful as a global supply chain manager, not only leading the team that handled global shipments but also developing close relationships with those steam ship carriers. These included such companies as APL , Evergreen, YML and Foxconn Technology Group which currently provides significant production lines for Apple.

  • Since 2013, having successfully completed the above career path, I had two office locations.

  • I have been running my e-commerce business selling from small jewelry items to big auto-repair equipment at Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

  • In 2017, I met Dr. Wong Erna, and she introduced IMMUSIST™ to me. Ever since then, for three years of taking it, I have been free of colds, fever, and even influenza. It suppresses seasonal allergies, itchy throat, and coughing in the morning. I have been healthy for this time! Once I showed Dr. Wong, the evidence of what happened after drinking IMMUSIST™, I had found under the microscope, not only did the white cells, which fight infection, increase tremendously in number, but also the red blood cells were plumped up.

  • About biblical ideology, all I have learned from experiences to experience is that all living and non-living things that God has created on the earth should have their spectrum of frequency, which is the vital communication between God and all kinds of beings. Invisible frequency resonates and stimulates the spirit. Its kinetic energy activates heart beating and promotes blood circulation.

  • The blood flow makes inner tendency frequency toward a relatively stable equilibrium among endocrines, lymph, hormones, and fluid; It boosts up the immunity from impaired circulation, speeds up the recovery process, rids by-product wastes out of the body, and makes the immunity homeostasis reduce or block stress, that is known to provoke disease whether acute or chronic.

  • I confidently feel that the Cellabrate Living Water that contains IMMUSIST™ has strong potency to inhibit the metabolic chaos that was created by stress.

  • Embracing a professional career has never been enough. Facilitating the ministry has never been too late. Sincerely, I have an abundant appreciation for Dr. Wong, who encourages me to nourish my knowledge of Holistic and Health, which contributes our humanitarian mission. Meanwhile, I am ready and have the desire to join a fantastic team.


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