Why is it important to boost your immune system

Boosting your immune system is very critical because your immune system protects you from many disease states that can cause death or morbidity. An example of how critical your immune system is would be the child who is born without an adequate immune system needs to be inside a bubble or some other well contained environment that protects him or her from the environment of germs particularly. The immune system is able to guard against infections as well as a critical role is keeping cancer cells from developing or progressing. Cancer cells are only renegade normal cells that are growing out of control.

When the immune system doesn’t function properly, you get infections or you get cancers or last but not least, you can attack yourself , in the case of autoimmune conditions such as lupus or multiple sclerosis, excetera. You can imagine that this is very dangerous since your body needs to know how to distinguish between what is the enemy and what is not.

Another function of the immune system would be making antibodies against that which would harm us. In some cases an allergy reaction is more harm to us then of help. You can go into anaphylactic shock and die from say a bee sting or eating peanuts.

It is a very complex system that functions multiple ways to keep our bodies protected. It is amazing, in the case of pregnancy that the mom does not attack or reject that foreign organism, a new baby. Incredible, to retain that baby until it’s born even though it is foreign. On the other hand the immune system is able to attack and destroy organisms such as a virus, fungus or bacteria that are dangerous. Therefore, boosting the immune system allows it to be able to function optimally in it’s ideal perfect state to fulfill its purpose to protect us.


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