Journey of celebrate living

Erna Wong was born in Taiwan on July 2nd 1955 , in the same bed she would share with her mother and older sister for six years until she joined her father in America. He left the family when she was 3 months old to get a PhD in Chemistry. The only communication was by mail for those many years.

At an early age, she understood the importance of an adequate nutrition; especially with parasites of worms in her intestines and lack of proper food. She was able to forage for food in garbage cans. Gratefully, the restaurant next door had many banquets and people would dispose of their leftovers which oftentimes was almost a complete chicken and many other barely eaten dishes. There was garbage cans full of hot food. Because of this, she was able to receive adequate nutrition for growth.

She was 6 years old when she arrived in Dayton, Ohio. Her introduction to American life was highlighted by Halloween and snowfall of the winter months. From Dayton, Ohio, she moved to Laurel, Maryland where she first experienced discrimination from, of all people, African American children who made fun of her as she walked through their neighborhood.

There were no other Asian families where she was living until she moved to New Jersey where there was one Japanese student. Because her father had changed jobs many times, she really was not able to maintain many friends nor had the opportunity to essentially be promoted with her class. So she was looking forward to finishing four years of high school in Ridgewood New Jersey.

However her parents moved to California , driving cross-country during Christmas of her senior year. She then finished 5 months of school in Irvine California at University High School. Having the highest GPA for the senior class, she was the class valedictorian and would be giving the graduation speech. However, she didn't want to do so since they did not treat her well as no one would be friends with her except for one classmate, Cindy Shelter. The other students thought she was a narcotic agent and would not have anything to do with her. Who would think a parent would move their child to a new school January of senior year?

From University High School she was admitted to California Institute of Technology in Pasadena where she received her bachelor's degree in biology. She was one of 16 female students because Caltech was a all male school until 2 years before she arrived. There she met her husband who was a graduate student in engineering and received his PhD in mechanical engineering.

They were married on July 24th of 1975 and Erna graduated from Cal Tech in 77 and went on to USC medical school to receive her doctorate degree . While at USC, as a second-year medical student, she had her first daughter, Natalie.

She then did her pediatrics training at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. As an intern there, she had her second daughter, Leslie, who passed away a little before her third month birthday from crib death or sudden infant death syndrome. 10 months later she gave birth to her first son, Alex.

After completing 3 years of internship plus residency, she took her board exam which qualified her to practice as a pediatrician. Initially working per diem for Kaiser Permanente , she later took a full-time position as pediatrician in Orange County. There she worked for 29 years as assistant chief of Pediatrics for 4 chiefs, mentoring residents, serving on different committees including performance Improvement, obesity champion, volunteering in the community, until she semi-retired and just did inpatient neonatal work. While working full time, she gave birth to 6 more children, four girls and two boys. In 2015 , she fully retired at the age of 58.

She had thyroid adenocarcinoma which had been treated with thyroidectomy and then suppression with thyroxine. But the suppression caused her to have significant arrhythmia and as she was weaning down the thyroxine, the cancer recurred as a nodule on the left side. Rather than undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, she was looking for a natural treatment. This is where she came across a natural product and started taking it, which put her cancer in remission.

In the course of time she learned its many benefits including treating her own acid reflux which had damaged her vocal cords and opening of her lungs that had been affected by the reflux. In addition, her ability to read without glasses and drive without glasses was amazing since she had undergone Lasix which had reversed requiring glasses to drive and read. She observed her husband's hair turning black then realized that this natural blend was able to reverse aging. Other people then began to inquire how they could take this to help their hypertension or melanoma including a woman with type 2 diabetes who was able to stop taking metformin and Glipizide in one week. so many people have experienced the great benefit of this natural product which all started with my own desire to treat thyroid adenocarcinoma.


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