Affiliate FAQs

What is your Affiliate Program?
Our Affiliate Program rewards you for directing customers to purchase our product. When a product is purchased by a customer you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s).

How do I join your Affiliate Program?
To join our Affiliate Program you must sign up for an account on our website. The process is quick and simple.

How does your Affiliate Program work?
Our Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to our website. You can do this by placing link we provide you with on your website. Each time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. We will then send your commission directly to your bank account by bank transfer on a monthly basis.

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
Our Affiliate Program is free to join, there are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

Which sales are valid for an affiliate commission?
Only sales which originate from your referral link will be awarded an affiliate commission. Any sales which came from the any other link, We reserve the right to not award a sale at our discretion. Anyone found to be abusing the system will be terminated and/or not receive commission payments.

How do I generate my unique Affiliate link?
Once you login with your email address and password, you will be directed to "My Account" page and there, you can see a "Generate Affiliate Link" button. You can click on that button to generate the referral link

What are reward points?
Reward points are given based on each bottle your referral purchased

How much Reward points worth?
Reward Point redemption value towards cash back will be revised to 0.01 cents per 1 Reward Point.

How much can I earn for each bottle?
You will earn 300 points for each bottle your referral purchases.

How do I track my earnings?
You can login to your account at any time and in the "My Account" page, you can see to access real-time reports and get up-to-the-minute information about the commissions you’ve earned.

I don’t have a blog or website, can I still participate in the Affiliate Program?
Yes. You can still share your affiliate link via email or on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

When will I receive my affiliate commissions?
Affiliate payments are processed and sent directly to your PayPal account around the 1st of each month. While we usually process all payments on the 1st day of the month. We hold payments for a full 30 days to allow for processing, chargebacks, etc. For example, you would receive an affiliate payment for the full month of August, on October 1st.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?
No. You will not receive any credit when making a purchase through your own affiliate link.


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